Untold: Has Britain Produced a Podcast to Rival ‘Serial’?

Untold is far from just a straight retread of Serial though and it is precisely its confidence in its own resolutely British setting and tone that makes it so very unique and compelling. This is a murder mystery that is very much “souf London” and is not afraid to wear that fact on its sleeve. One of the things that actually makes the show almost more compelling that its NPR progenitor is the way in which it wraps out the troubles and concerns of the wider nation and age into this individual act of violence. Serial was tightly focused on the case of Adnan Syed although, in considering his conviction, did pay some lip service to the role that anti-Muslim sentiment may have played. Untold is fascinating because, while the case itself is brutal and absorbing, even more fascinating is the fact that, trundling along the background, one can almost hear the echoes of miners’ strikes and National Front marches.