Spanning over three decades, the story of the Daniel Morgan murder involves dozens of private investigators, police officers and journalists. Here is a handy list of the key figures.


Daniel Morgan - Private Investigator

Alastair Morgan - his older brother

Jane Morgan - his younger sister

Isobel Hulsmann - his mother

Iris Morgan - his wife

Kirsteen Knight - Alastair's partner


Jonathan Rees - co founded with Daniel

Marjorie Williams - book keeper

Kevin Lennon - book keeper

Sharon Rees (nee Vian) - Rees' first wife

Glenn and Gary Vian  - Rees' former brothers-in-law


DS Sid Fillery - Catford Crime Squad

DC Duncan Hanrahan - investigated Belmont Auctions Heist, inquest witness

Detective Superintendent Douglas Campbell - senior investigating officer Morgan Murder Inquiry

Detective Inspector Alan Jones - second in command of first Morgan Murder Inquiry

DC Derek Haslam - investigating amphetamine deals from Croydon CID

DC Alan 'Taffy' Holmes -  investigating Operation Collection from Serious Crimes Squad

Commander Ray Adams - head of criminal intelligence for Scotland Yard

Sir Paul Condon - Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police 1994-1999

Sir John Stevens - Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police 1999-2004

Sir Ian Blair - Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police 2004 - 2006

Detective Chief Superintendent Dave Cook - fourth and fifth Morgan Murder investigation

Jacqui Hames - DCS Cook's wife, former police officer and Crimewatch presenter. 


Alex Marunchak - reporter, editor, executive The News of the World

John Ross - former detective, intermediary between press and police

Mazher Mahmood  - senior reporter at News of the World (name redacted for legal reasons)

Gary Jones - former crime editor News of the World, executive at Mirror newspapers

Laurie Flynn and Michael Gillard - investigative journalists and authors of The Untouchables

Duncan Campbell - crime reporter, The Guardian

Nick Davies - investigative reporter, The Guardian

Greg Miskiw - news editor at News of the World

Glenn Mulcaire - private investigator on contract to News of the World

Andy Coulson - former editor of News of the World

Rebekah Brooks - former editor of News of the World, CEO of News International (News UK)