Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder: 'British Serial' tops iTunes podcast chart with over 200,000 downloads | News | Culture | The Independent

Are you an armchair detective, looking for your next murder mystery fix? Look no further, as a podcast, dubbed the ‘British Serial,’ is making waves, topping the iTunes chart after being downloaded over 200,000 times.

Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder tells the complex and murky story surrounding the murder of a private investigator, whose body was found in a London pub’s car park with an axe in the head.

The incident - often described as London’s most notorious unsolved case - occurred outside the Golden Lion in Sydenham in 1987, the P.I. allegedly looking to expose corruption at Scotland Yard. 

Despite five police enquiries, costing the public upwards of £50 million, nobody has been blamed for the murder, the most recent prosecution reportedly collapsing in 2011.

Only three of the 10-episodes have been released so far, but already the podcast has gained notoriety in countries outside the UK, according to the Evening Standard.