True Crime and the Armchair Detective

LAUNCHING AT MIDNIGHT BST on iTunes, Soundcloud and Acast

The development of Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder has been supported by actor and Hacked Off campaigner Hugh Grant among others, Swedish podcasting platform, Acast, and with sponsorship from website developers Squarespace. The podcast follows in the footsteps of international cultural phenomena Serial, The Jinx, and Making a Murderer, by bringing ‘true crime’ historical stories to a mainstream audience.

The ‘true crime’ effect is all the more immersive thanks to Acast’s ‘Rich Media' function. Incorporating links, images and videos into the timeline of the podcast, Acast allows its listener to review legal documents, research contextualising information, and explore the intricate set of clues via their phone, tablet or computer. 

Måns Ulvestam, Co-founder and CEO of Acast, comments

“Serial captured the attention of people around the world, creating a new generation of true-crime enthusiasts. The show’s reach was international, and the UK has not had an equivalent - until now. 'Untold' goes further than Serial, however, because Daniel’s murder represents the tip of an iceberg of corruption within the British policing and media establishment. By unravelling the story through a podcast, the Untold team can circumvent these institutions and have their voices heard, when others might want them silenced.”